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    Archive for January, 2016

  • Share your marketing expertise

    28 January 2016
    We are looking for an individual to join our Marketing Sub Committee. If you have marketing, advertising or PR experience and have some time to offer please contact for...
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  • A Big Thumbs Up for Rochelle & Victor!

    22 January 2016
    Who said Facebook was only for the young? AgeUK picked up the story of Rochelle and Victor Gatta from Maitland Joseph House in Hemel Hempstead celebrating their 74th wedding anniversary...
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  • Happy Couple Celebrate their 74th Wedding Anniversary

    15 January 2016
    © Blake Ezra Photography Ltd. 2015 A hearty mazeltov to Rochelle and Victor Gatta, tenants at Maitland Joseph House in Hemel Hempstead who celebrate their 74th wedding anniversary on...
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