Data Retention Periods

Data Retention Periods

Data Retention Periods

The table below sets out retention periods for Personal Data held and processed by the Association. It is intended to be used as a guide only. The Association recognises that not all Personal Data can be processed and retained for the same duration, and retention will depend on the individual circumstances relative to the Data Subject whose Personal Data is stored.

Type of record

Suggested retention time

Membership records

5 years after last contact

Personal files including training records and notes of disciplinary and grievance hearings

5 years to cover the time limit for bringing any civil legal action, including national minimum wage claims and contractual claims

Redundancy details, calculations of payments, refunds, notification to the Secretary of State

6 years from the date of the redundancy

Application forms, interview notes

Minimum 6 months to a year from date of interviews. Successful applicants documents should be transferred to personal file.

Documents proving the right to work in the UK

2 years after employment ceases.

Facts relating to redundancies

6 years if less than 20 redundancies. 12 years if 20 or more redundancies.


3 years after the end of the tax year they relate to

Income tax, NI returns, correspondence with tax office

At least 3 years after the end of the tax year they relate to

Retirement benefits schemes – notifiable events, e.g. relating to incapacity

6 years from end of the scheme year in which the event took place

Pension records

12 years after the benefit ceases

Statutory maternity/paternity and adoption pay records, calculations, certificates (MAT 1Bs) or other medical evidence

3 years after the end of the tax year to which they relate

Parental Leave

18 years

Statutory Sick Pay records, calculations, certificates, self-certificates

3 years

Wages/salary records, expenses, bonuses

6 years

Records relating to working time

2 years from the date they were made

Accident books and records and reports of accidents

3 years after the date of the last entry

Health and Safety assessments and records of consultations with safety representatives and committee


Health records

During employment and 3 years thereafter if reason for termination of employment is connected to health

Board Members Documents

5 years after cessation of membership

Documents relation to successful tenders

5 years after end of contract

Documents relating to unsuccessful form of tender

5 years after notification

Applicants for accommodation

5 years

Housing Benefits Notifications

Duration of Tenancy

Tenancy files

Duration of Tenancy

Former tenants’ files (key info)

5 years

Third Party documents re care plans

Duration of Tenancy

Records re offenders. Ex-offenders (sex offender register)

Duration of Tenancy

Lease documents

5 years after lease termination

ASB case files

5 years/end of legal action

Board meetings/residents’ meetings

1 year