The Association recognises that the process of moving to a new property and starting a new tenancy can bring with it additional costs and expense that cannot always be met by the incoming tenant particularly those reliant on income related benefits with little or no capital. The Association is fortunate in its ability to be able to access and or offer additional funding and incentives for tenants in circumstances such as these and eligibility and procedure will be detailed within this document.


The Association is keen to promote and encourage the financial responsibility that starting and maintaining a tenancy can mean for an incoming tenant and will wherever possible encourage and assist incoming tenants or for that matter existing tenants, to explore and manage their existing resources to fund essential items, however where this is not possible the following assistance and incentives may apply.


Moving In Incentives


In instances where a ‘Hard to Let’ property is accepted by a potential tenant following viewing on some occasions the Association is able to offer a Moving-In Incentive, to the value of £1,000 to cover the cost of essential items such as carpeting, white goods, beds and essential living furniture etc if required. A ‘Hard to Let’ property is defined as one that is ready to let and fit for purpose but has been declined following 3 viewings by other applicants. It may also be defined as being a long-term void i.e in excess of 3 months.


In instances where there are 4 or more voids in one block at any one time the Association will have the discretion to offer an increased incentive of £1,500 with the same conditions attached.


The incentive is purposely designated for the use of essential items and cannot be given in lieu of goods, i.e. a cash payment to the incoming tenant. However, for the sake of expediency the Association will consider reimbursing incoming tenants for purchased goods where a genuine receipt for goods purchased can be provided. In cases where incoming tenants do not have the means to make purchases themselves, goods will be purchased on their behalf by the Association from their approved suppliers.


Recipients of Moving-In Incentives are currently not financially assessed for eligibility. Eligibility is determined by the property being offered and accepted and is strictly limited to the provision of goods and items.


Potential tenants will be advised at the viewing stage whether the property being offered offers the incentive and likewise will be advised that there is no cash alternative.


There is no obligation for the incoming tenant to accept the incentive, however, should they wish to do so and require the Association to make the purchases on their behalf, the Lettings Manager will discuss the goods and required and request the items to be ordered, delivered and fitted as necessary on conjunction with the Maintenance Department, Housing Manager and incoming tenant. Tenancy start dates shall not be delayed except in exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of the Chief Executive, due to non-delivery or installation of goods. That notwithstanding the Association shall make every endeavour to ensure that goods and items are in place prior to the tenancy start date.


In the event of incoming tenants making their own purchases and seeking reimbursement on production of genuine receipts, likewise tenancy start dates shall not be delayed due to non-delivery, fitting or installation of goods and items.


JTS Grant Assistance


JCHA is fortunate to enjoy a positive working relationship with the Jews Temporary Shelter who are also able to offer financial assistance to those individuals with limited income and little or no capital. The grant assistance offered by JTS is discretionary subject to application and is available to Jewish applicants. Applications must be submitted by a member of the Senior Management Team or Welfare staff.