Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

jLiving Privacy Notice


The proper handling of data is one of our priorities. We engage with our stakeholders in a range of ways. These transactions require processing information. We are legally obliged to fulfil responsibilities to ensure appropriate safeguards and standards are set out and maintained.

We have a duty to maintain confidentially in all aspects of our work.


  1. This policy outlines our commitment to ensuring we handle data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 - GDPR


  1. Data protection relates to living identifiable persons. The policy applies to all aspects of our work covering staff employment, current and future residents’ records. Information on computers, paper, audio and video all fall within the scope of the Act. It also applies to other stakeholders where we process information. Board members, staff, volunteers and residents who have access to records.

All personal data held by jLiving falls under the scope of the Data Protection Act 1998.


  1. We will :
    • Comply with the eight data protection principles
    • Maintain confidentially of all personal data held by us on a need to know basis
    • Ensure that personal data is accurate and up-to-date
    • Securely destroy data to ensure information is not kept longer than needed
    • Set up information sharing protocols in dealing with anti-social behavior and other services within a multi-agency forum
    • Provide staff with training, support and guidance in fulfilling our responsibilities
    • Investigate all breaches and take disciplinary action against staff who fail to comply with the policy
    • Deal promptly with personal data requests and charge £10 for the service
    • Ensure registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office is kept up-to-date
    • Get appropriate levels of consent when disclosing information to third parties
    • Comply with exemptions in the act, and withhold third party data from individuals who do not have a right to see such information
    • Train new staff and volunteers in the policy at their induction.


  1. All staff are responsible for implementing this policy to best practice standards. 

Monitoring, Review & Evaluation

  1. All staff within the organisation will ensure that the policy is adhered to.
  2. This Notice will remain under annual review and as per the requirements of GDPR.