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Flying High!

10 August 2017

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Harmony Close tenant Helen Feldman is flying high because she won the Barnet Borough Times Poetry Writing Competition.

The talented lady has been a keen poet and prose writer for many years and even won prizes at school.

She describes her poem as: “Unfashionably cheerful, consoling and just what I wanted it to be. It is currently fashionable to write disturbing poems but I try to give pleasure and am very grateful to have won this prize.”

”The newspaper gave us the title for the poem and then you write a piece to fit it.

“This was the shortest poem I have written so far.“ Asked where she gets her inspiration she said “I read poetry and prose and particularly enjoy medieval literature and music, and like writing factional pieces.”

Her favourite medieval quote is: ‘you may forget the singer, but don’t forget the song’.


Flying high by Helen Cynthia Feldman

I once read of a man

who meant to carve a noble statue

to the glory of God,

but he was always doing things for others,

and had not started it

when on his deathbed

a voice from heaven said

‘How glad we are

you never had time for the little thing

that you had set your heart on,

and instead were doing the great things that really mattered.’

All there knew he had died a happy man.

You see, if you do not fulfil your dream

you may do something better after all.