Support Planning Policy & Procedure

This document should be read in conjunction with the Associations Assessment Policy & Procedure and with reference to the Support Plan document and Tenants Handbook.

The Association recognises the importance of Support Planning both in relation to providing a high level of service to its tenants but also as a contractual and monitoring requirement of Supporting People.

The Association also recognises that Support Planning contributes to ongoing Good Practice within the organisation and sheltered housing as a whole and is a useful tool with which to demonstrate and where possible measure service delivery to its tenants.

The Association acknowledges that Support Planning remains a relatively new concept for its tenants and remains mindful that the Support Planning tool/document should be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it remains appropriate to its intended tenant/target group and manageable for staff who complete it.

Support Planning enables a very clear understanding to be developed between Association staff and tenants as to services that can be directly provided and external services that may be accessed on the tenant’s behalf by Association staff. It allows Association staff to develop a better understanding of individual tenants and to learn how to best provide the most appropriate level of support for that individual.

The Association recognises the complexities in setting aims and objectives for the client group that it serves and acknowledges that tenants may experience difficulty in setting goals for themselves therefore all Support Planning is based on the ethos of promoting independence as far as possible. Support Planning is based around the concept of how independence can be achieved and maintained for all tenants.

The Association is committed to starting the Support Planning process as soon as possible and therefore attempts to gauge initial support requirements at the initial home visit assessment stage. It is however acknowledged that needs continually change and evolve between the time of assessment and tenancy commencement therefore the Support Plan document must be completed with the new tenant as soon as possible following tenancy commencement.

Scheme staff enjoy regular and in most cases daily unless specified daily contact with all tenants. Tenants are advised at the time of initial assessment that they will have an Individual Support Plan when they move to their new property and are advised of the Associations requirements in terms of SP and the qualification for Support Planning. All tenants are encouraged to participate in the process of planning their individual support however the organisation and its staff recognise that there will be tenants who will choose not to participate.

Current Association practice states that Support Plans will be rewritten on an annual basis on the anniversary of SP i.e. April in any year. Whilst the Association recognises that ideal practice would dictate that Support Plans should be rewritten either quarterly or 6 monthly, due to staff, tenant ratios this is not feasible in terms of time. However as is stated in the Tenants Handbook, tenants may request an update at any time if they feel it is necessary, likewise so may scheme staff.

The Support Plan document allows the collation of the following information and also serves as a means of assessing and identifying risk factors affecting the individual and their personal environment. Information to be gathered will include:

  • Personal details – including next of kin, synagogue membership, emergency contacts, tenancy start date, burial society details, NI number and ethnic origin
  • Medical contacts and details – GP, social worker, CPN, OT, District Nurse, current medical issues, medication taken regularly, any known allergies etc.
  • Home Care – details of care received and care required.
  • Risk Assessment – assessment of risks or hazards that may affect or are affecting both the tenant and their environment.
  • Scheme Manager – how often the tenant requires contact and by what means.
  • Social Activities – does the tenant already attend activities or would they be interested in attending
  • Welfare Benefits – What benefits is the tenant receiving, are they entitled to further benefits.
  • Action plan – Is the tenant able to identify an aim that they would like to achieve within the coming 12 months.


  • Tenancy commences
  • Scheme Manager or Welfare Officer arranges to complete Support Plan with the new tenant within 7 days of tenancy commencing.
  • Support Plan is completed and signed by both tenant and scheme manager.
  • Support Plan is copied with one copy being retained on tenant file at the scheme, 1 copy to Head Office file and 1 copy to the tenant.
  • Support Plan is reviewed annually but earlier if requested by the tenant or scheme manager.

Daily Monitoring

Although Support Plans are updated annually, the majority of tenants will be seen on a daily basis thus allowing an accurate record of any changes to support or care needs to be recorded and monitored. The Association would implement any action plan necessary should the circumstances of a tenant change at any time, scheme staff should not wait for the annual Support Plan review.

Tenant Files

All Association tenants have a file containing information pertinent to their tenancy and support needs. One copy is maintained centrally at Head Office and one copy is maintained at the scheme. All files are strictly confidential. The tenant file contains a copy of the Support Plan and file notes pertinent to the changing situation of the tenant.

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