Students house rules

Rules for accommodation for students & young people’s housing.

Payment of licence fee 

Is to the Licensor, any defaults in payment to them will result in the offer of accommodation being withdrawn.


You will be supplied with keys by the Housing Managers only when you return the signed licence agreement, a signed copy of the house rules and confirmation that payments have been received by the Licensor. You are supplied with two keys; both keys must be returned to the Housing Managers when you vacate.  The Housing Managers and officers of the Licensor have the right of entry (as shown in the above schedule). A charge of £30 per key will be made for any that is lost, these are only available via the Licensor. If you lock yourself out of your room out of office hours, there is nothing that can be done, as there is not 24 hour staffing for the Hostel.

Maintenance and repairs

You are responsible for keeping your room clean and tidy. You will be liable for the cost of making good any damage, which might have been caused by you or your visitors, either to the room or the building. You must not make any structural alterations within your room or to the fixtures and fittings supplied.  You can display pictures in your rooms, but please only use the correct picture hooks or the picture rail provided. It is your responsibility to report any faults or repairs that need to be made to the Housing Managers or Head Office, as soon as possible, so that appropriate repairs can be carried out.


Central Heating and hot water is provided to all rooms. Due to fire safety regulations, additional electric heaters must not be used. Electric irons may only be used in the Laundry Room. Kitchen equipment must only be used in the kitchen. No radiators should be used for the drying of washing.


The Licensor does not accept responsibility for any damage to, or loss of a tenant’s personal property.  You are advised to make your own arrangements for suitable insurance cover, this is usually available as contents only insurance for rental properties.


You are responsible for clearing your own rubbish to the central bin area, in Harmony Close. 

Boiler room

This room is strictly “Out of Bounds”.

Avoidance of nuisance 

Noise after 10.30pm must be kept to a minimum. Be aware that 99 Princes Park Avenue is in a residential area and all Licensees should be considerate of our neighbours at all times.

Consideration of fellow licensees 

You will be sharing facilities and consideration for your fellow Licensees is appreciated. All communal areas must be left clean and tidy after use.


Licensees must undertake to observe the Kashrut laws at all times and in all parts of the building. You must supply all the kitchenware, crockery and cutlery you need for your own use.

Religious observance

You are particularly requested not to do anything which might offend Orthodox Licensees, and to endeavour to create an atmosphere fully in accord with Yomtovim and Shabbat. Moving in or out on Yomtovim and Shabbat is not allowed. The lighting of candles for Shabbat or Yomtovim should be carried out in communal areas, i.e. the kitchens, not in your own rooms.


Smoking is not allowed in the common areas of the building at any time. Tenants are allowed to smoke in their own rooms. 


Illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis, ecstasy etc. (this list is not exhaustive), will not be tolerated on the premises. Possession and/or use of such substances will result in steps being taken to end your Licence and also the Metropolitan Police being called.


It is your responsibility to provide what is needed.

TV licences

There is a communal TV Licence but this does not cover any other TV than the one in the Communal Lounge.  You must buy your own licence to cover your individual TV’s.


Licensees are asked to notify the Housing Managers, whenever they are going to be away overnight or longer, leaving a contact number (if possible) and anticipated date of return. This is to maintain fire safety.


The Licensor is unable to permit visitors to stay with licensees overnight. Any unauthorised stays may result in action being taken against the Licence of the person they have come to visit.

Window displays

Nothing is to be displayed at the windows other than the curtains and nets provided. Net curtains should not be knotted. If necessary remove them from the window and store neatly and safely until the end of the tenancy.

Illegal download activity

Any licensee who is found to be involved in or guilty of downloading anything that is of an illegal nature will have their Licence terminated with immediate effect. The wireless system has been provided for the use of licensees to assist with study, inappropriate use could result in this provision being revoked by jLiving.


All corridors and walkways are to be kept clear of personal belongings and items including bicycles. Any items discovered will be removed.

Parcels & deliveries

All Licensees are responsible for taking possession of any parcels and deliveries intended for them. Staff of the Licensor are not permitted to take delivery of any item intended for a Licensee.

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