Our Team

Our Team

June Morton
Chief Executive

Jane Goodman
Director of Housing

Frances Horoz
Director of Finance

Donna-Marie Durham
Director of Property

Andy Ransom
Maintenance Team Leader

Martin Ridley
Maintenance Technician

Tony Weeden
Maintenance Technician

Winston Dinnall
Maintenance Technician

Gilda Klein
PA (Monday and Tuesday)

Dina Toorgeman
PA (Wednesday - Friday)

Biljana Vidojevic
Welfare Officer

Jignasa Thakore
Accounts Assistant

Ola Ristic
Finance Officer

Acquisa Benka-Davies
Finance Assistant

Sheree Atkinsall
Maintenance & Repair Officer (Monday to Wednesday)

Mahendra Tailor
Maintenance & Repair Officer (Thursday and Friday)

Gary Barton
Bank Scheme Manager

Jackie Rochester
Bank Scheme Manager

Maria McArthur
Bank Scheme Manager

Simona Pirozkova
Bank Scheme Manager

Dawn Slagel
Communications Officer

In addition the Association employs the following staff:

  • Scheme Housing Managers who work at our sheltered housing blocks and student / young peoples’ accommodation. Their role is to offer valuable support to our tenants and to take management responsibility for the block where they work.

  • Our highly skilled Maintenance Team who perform day to day repairs to our properties and play a major role in preparing vacant flats for new tenants.

  • A Head Office Admin and Finance team who ensure that our office runs smoothly and assist staff throughout the organisation.

  • A Welfare Officer whose role is to assist our tenants in applying for state benefits to which they are entitled, assisting in the assessment of new tenants and working alongside our Scheme Housing Management staff to offer additional support to some tenants. The Association is grateful to the JBG Housing Trust for funding this particular post.